In golf, players are typically categorized into different skill levels based on their ability and experience. These skill levels can vary slightly depending on the specific golf association or organization, but here are the general skill levels commonly recognized:

Golf Skill Levels:

1. Beginner/Novice: These are players who are new to the sport or have little experience. They are still learning the basics of the game, including the rules, etiquette, and basic swing techniques.

2. High Handicap: Players in this skill level have some experience but may still struggle with consistency and have a higher handicap index. They are working on developing their skills and improving their game.

3. Mid Handicap: This skill level includes players who have developed a good understanding of the game and are generally more consistent in their play. They have typically reduced their handicap index and continue to work on refining their skills.

4. Low Handicap: Players in this skill level have achieved a low handicap index through dedicated practice and consistent play. They have honed their skills in all aspects of the game, including driving, iron play, short game, and putting.

5. Scratch/Elite: These are the highest skill level players who typically have a scratch handicap or even better. They possess exceptional skills and are often competitive in tournaments or professional events.


It's important to note that these skill levels are not rigid and can vary depending on individual progress and competitive standards. Additionally, some golf organizations may have more refined skill level classifications or specific thresholds for each level.


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