There are many tools in the market that help golfers of all skills levels develop their skills. Some are cheap and do not work, some are so expensive that the majority can’t afford to purchase, and some are stationary which can only be used in one location. DDSports has developed a great tool that is affordable, fun, compact, versatile, and high quality.

The Wedge Master:

We are moving towards a best-in-class golf training aid and swing trainers to develop consistency with contact on the club face. By setting the Wedge Master target up at 5 yards from the mat, you will be able to work on the short chip shots that will develop a consistent swing motion. While only swinging the club a short distance, the golfer will be able to focus on all 10 steps of the golf swing. The 3 ring target helps determine how consistently you are making contact with the ball. If you are hitting the golf ball towards the toe of the club, the ball will be pushed to the right of the target with a right-handed golfer. If the ball contacts the heel of the club, the ball will miss wide left for a right-handed golfer.


While you are playing the Wedge Master game, you can use your phone to record slow motion videos to see exactly where the ball is making contact and if you are turning your club face during impact. The most important factor is to contact the ball with the center of the club face. These techniques will improve golf development and we guarantee it will improve your golf handicap.

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